Data Commons

Beta Test Version 1.0


As data becomes more valuable, so does access to data for research and critical decision making. Our goal at NUS Ambient Intelligence Lab is to provide a repository of important data for researchers, data analysts and operation analysts. We work with other departments like NUS University Campus Infrastructure (UCI), NUS Office of Campus Security (OCS) and NUS Computer centre to make data available. As datasets become larger, it makes sense to use it to discover higher-level information to make critical decisions.


The NUS Data Commons is being developed to provide an open repository of raw data for research, and critical decision-making. In this era of big data, NUS Data Commons will support data science research, enable dissemination of data, and facilitate discovery. Importantly,NUS Data Commons will support and encourage the development of tools to process, extract, and join different data sources and to bridge the gap between structured and unstructured data.

Main Objectives

  • Collection and processing of valuable data.
  • Anonymizing data to protect privacy.
  • Creation of a community and ecosystem of creators and users of data.
  • Facilitation of research and development of analytical methods, algorithms, and software resulting from the data analysis.
  • Improvement to data accessibility, especially as a one-stop shop for important raw data, which can be used to answer questions and make predictions.